Falmouth Cohousing Collective

Building Belonging

We are looking for around 30 households in the Falmouth/Penryn area, singles, young couples, families, high flyers and retirees, the more diverse the better in our minds!

Are you a person/family/household, who:

Lives and works locally and is in private rental accommodation and paying 35% or more of your net income to your Landlord.

is already a homeowner, but sees that the solution to long term sustainable communities requires a shift in culture towards providing ‘homes’ not ‘houses’ for the housing market and are looking to invest your equity in this innovative solution.

  • Integrated into Falmouth, not an alternative community.
  • MHOS model of ownership.
  • Close enough to walk and cycle to local amenities.
  • Ecologically responsible method of construction and community owned energy.
  • Shared facilities- including laundry/workshop/gardens/play space.
  • Priority on car sharing/electric vehicles.
  • Space for a social enterprise that encourages inter-generational interaction and play.

People outside of Falmouth are welcome to join the group, but it will not be on a first come first served basis, instead prioritized for local people already committed to the prosperity of Falmouth/Penryn.

Each household will be required to contribute some working capital or sweat equity at risk to secure their place as a member. This investment will enable the group to hire professional services to create a strong legal framework and enable future investment to secure land and construction costs.

We hold monthly meetings to refine the vision, set up the legal foundation of the MHOS and develop planning applications. There is plenty to organize before the homes are built, it could be as long as 2 -5 years (see the route to cohousing here). The most important thing to remember is that is about building the community, even before we build. Hopefully after the process, which we like to think of as a dance rather than a journey, should give everyone a chance to know for certain that Ambos is for them.

The group will periodically offer invites to the town until we have full membership.

To find out more, head over to ‘resources’ or if you want get involved, get in touch.