F.I.G. Falmouth Imagination Gateway

This is by no means a fixed design or the only options we are exploring. At this stage we are just putting out the feelers to see what people think. It would be great to start a discussion locally about how the residents of Falmouth and Penryn can support community-led development and demonstrate that local people can develop and manage inspiring places, instead of letting unimaginative developers spoil the town with cookie cutter homes and developments that do nothing to support the growing town! Have a read and leave your comments below.

One idea we have begun looking at is a proposal to enhance the site around the adult education center on Tregenver Road. We must stress that we are not proposing that the adult education services are terminated, but adding a layer of richness that will not only bring about our cohousing community but offer much more amenity to the neighborhood. The wider agenda of Ambos is to bring the neighborhood together to tackle the problem of loneliness and isolation.

With these depressing facts in mind, we had the idea of establishing a social enterprise to run an inter-generational play space, allowing those in new and later life to play together, which we think would be a great asset for Falmouth and help foster a deeper sense of belonging.

The old grammar school could also do with some thermal upgrading to improve its energy efficiency. Maybe there is scope in the proposal to add a community kitchen? a repair space or some local craft studios? On top of this we could also re-landscape the land around it to provide food growing spaces, sensory gardens and open up the field to the public for more play and relaxation. It could be another gem in the heart of Falmouth.

All of this is just an idea at the moment, we wouldn’t progress it without the support of the wider Community. will you help us develop the idea and support a Community Right to Build Order? Or maybe you have concerns or a suggestion for a more appropriate site? Either way please comment below or get in touch here.